Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (the Trust) manages hundreds of grant applications each year and in doing so, our small team has come to learn many of questions and queries organisations have for us.

Take a look below to see if we can help. This is not an exhaustive list, but we hope you will find it helpful.

Our logo is available in a number of formats and we’d love you to display it where appropriate. Check out our branding page.

No. The Trust cannot award grants to individuals. We award grants to organisations and groups that support the Armed Forces community. You can find out more about the projects we’ve supported on our programme pages.

Some of our funding programmes may require groups to include a new element in their project when applying for grant funding, while others don’t. Take a look at the individual programme guidance for more information. However, we cannot award grant funding retrospectively for something that has already taken place.

This depends on which funding programme you’re applying to. Each programme has its own eligibility criteria and while some may state that activities have to be new, others won’t. Take a look at the individual programme guidance for more information.

While this isn’t mandatory in order to receive funding from the Trust, we do strongly encourage groups to consider signing the Armed Forces Covenant where relevant. Signing the Covenant shows that your organisation is committed to supporting the Armed Forces community; you can find out more about it on our Armed Forces Covenant page.

You must make sure your project isn’t doing the same thing as other local projects or initiatives that are taking place. Instead, your work should complement other local work. Working with others will help to reduce the risk of duplication.

Yes. However, different funding programmes now and in the future will have different eligibility and so this is subject to change as new programmes go live.

Our Board of Trustees make decisions based on assessments our grants team produce from your grant application. Our experienced grants team looks at every application we receive, and all assessments are moderated prior to board to ensure balance. Every project is considered on its own merit in line with any programme priorities, geographical location, deliverability and value for money. Final decisions will be made by the Trustees of the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust who will review the applications using balancing criteria in addition to the key criteria. The balancing criteria include the relative strength and value for money of the project when viewed as part of a national portfolio of projects. 

Funds are limited. Therefore, Trustees will use their discretion to choose which projects to fund, ensuring a good spread of funded projects and to differentiate between projects that are considered fundable. 

Our Board of Trustees makes decisions on grant applications every quarter. The length of time taken for a decision to be made on your application varies depending on the programme you’ve applied to. Either way, we’ll be in touch throughout the whole process. You can find out more about deadlines and decision making in the application guidance for your chosen programme.

We publish lists of all grants that we award. These are categorised by funding programme and each downloadable award table is broken down into regions. Check out our grant award pages for details of projects funded in your region. Unfortunately, we cannot provide contact details for any specific project.

We welcome comments from members of the public who have concerns over an application that we’ve received or a project we’ve funded. To raise a concern with us, please read our guidance.

Yes. Our grants team produce an assessment from your application, which provides a level playing field, a standard approach to decision making, which means groups are not measured by their ability to complete an application form. Our experienced grants team ensures they gather all information from groups to ensure a fair decision can be made. It is vital that you fully read the application guidance for your chosen programme before applying, to give your application the best chance of success.

If your application for funding is unsuccessful, there is sometimes an opportunity to reapply, or resubmit your application with further information included. However, this may not always be the case, for example, if you’ve applied to the final round of a funding programme. We will always provide feedback on your application.

Sometimes a project will need to change as it develops and we’re happy to work with you on this as long as your ideas continue to help the people from the Armed Forces community that you originally told us about in your application. Please don’t make any significant to your grant if awarded, until you have talked to us and we’ve agreed that you can. You can contact your Grants Officer to discuss this in more detail.

If you apply for, or are awarded, a grant, we’ll use the information you give us to assess and manage your grant. We will hold this information securely. For more information, please read our privacy policy.