Logos and branding

In March 2020, the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust re-branded and released a new logo. We ask all projects we support to display it in some form – whether on promotional items, publications, buildings or somewhere else you feel is relevant.

Here is our quick guide to using our brand…

Armed Forces Covenant Fund logo, with branding markings to show the spacing around it

When using our logo, be sure to leave a space around the whole logo that is the same height and width of the ‘O’ in the word ‘FORCES’.

Please don’t make our logo any smaller than 200×40 pixels (approximately 50mm). If this is a problem, get in touch at info@covenantfund.org.uk

Our logo is available in three colour options: full colour, black, and white. Be sure to choose the one that works best for you and place it on an appropriate background.

We ask you to please always try and use the full colour version of our logo where possible; however, where this isn’t appropriate, feel free to use the black or white alternative.

Other than resizing, please do not change our logo in any way.

Our logo is available in three file types: JPEG, PNG and EPS. Simply click on your chosen logo below, then right click the image and choose ‘save image as…’

If you are adding our logo to a publication, you may wish to use an EPS file. Email us at info@covenantfund.org.uk

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust full colour logo
Full colour, JPEG logo
Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust logo, black
Black logo, JPEG
Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust full colour logo, transparent background
Full colour, PNG logo (transparent background)
Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust logo, black, transparent background
Black logo, PNG (transparent background)
The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust logo, white on a blue background
Inverted (white) logo, PNG
The Armed Forces Covenant Logo. It has a lion carrying the Union Jack

If you’ve received a grant award from the Trust, you must display the Armed Forces Covenant logo as part of your grant conditions. You can download the logo you need from the MOD’s Brand Portal. Most projects prefer to use the version called AFC POS RBG in the PNG version.

Please note: you will need to create a free account to use the MOD’s Brand Portal.

Promoting your grant award

Want to tag us into promotion of your award? We’d love you to give us a mention!

If you tag us into something on Twitter (@CovenantTrust), Facebook (@CovenantTrust) or Instagram (armedforcescovfundtrust), we’ll try and give you a like or a share.

Please note that the Armed Forces Covenant is separate to the Trust and has its own social media tags. Find them on the Covenant website at www.armedforcescovenant.gov.uk